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Follow your true path to reach your dreams.

Are you ready to have a meaningful and joyful third chapter of life?

As you reach your mid-life years, you are not ready to retire but you are ready for a change to do work that you enjoy and is more meaningful. You may be looking for more flexibility, less stress, or more time and energy for hobbies and travel. You need to examine and decide on your ongoing financial and personal responsibilities so that you can pursue your goals and dreams. There are many possibilities open to you.

  • Do you want to work full-time, part-time or have a flexible schedule?
  • Do you need to take some classes, update skills, or earn a new certification?
  • Do you need to earn money, able to volunteer, or a combination?
  • When do want to make the transition? Now? In a few years?
  • Do you want to take a gap year?
  • Do you have home projects or crafts you want to devote more time to? or do you want to travel or take up a new/abandoned sport?
  • Do you want to spend more time with family and friends?
  • How will you keep yourself physically and mentally fit for as long as possible?

This is your time of life to live with intention and meaning. Most of the earlier part of our life is spent in obligations and busyness. In your third chapter, you can take some time to explore all the possibilities and decide on a course that fits with your true self.

Contact me if you are ready to start exploring and planning your third chapter and you can start taking the steps leading to a meaningful and enjoyable life. Some of these changes can take time, so let’s start the journey now.  I will support you along this path to overcome any obstacles and reach your dreams.

Outcome of coaching:

  • Creating a lifestyle for a healthy body and mind
  • Pursuing work that is meaningful and enjoyable
  • Intentionally choosing your path in life according to your values
  • Letting go of outside expectations
  • Living fully while feeling peace and connection
  • Connecting with nature and practicing mindfulness

Why Karnia Coaching

My philosophy in coaching is Co-Active, which means being together in action. Everything that you need to have a meaningful, happy life is within you. In daily life, we spend so much of our time doing everything that needs to get done that we lose track of what makes our life worth living. Working with a certified coach will ground your actions in your values and vision and connect you to a wholeness in your life. Imagine doing what brings you the greatest joy or deepest satisfaction. What is your unique contribution to your family, your work, your community? Together we will explore your values, find balance, and create actions to pursue your goals and live fully every day. Let’s get started.

Karnia coaching is right for you:

  • If you are a professional or business owner.  You are overwhelmed by the daily stress or struggle to expand the reach and meaning of your work. You want to find more balance and enjoyment in all aspects of your life. Karnia Coaching can propel you to explore and define your vision and take action steps in that direction. You will find more purpose, meaning, and satisfaction in your life and work.
  • If you are approaching or in mid-life. You want to explore how to keep yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually active and engaged.  You can partner with Karnia Coaching to dive deep and define the values that drive your decisions in life. We will explore your vision and create an action plan to achieve an amazing third chapter to your life.
  • If you have been intensely focused on your family or work. You want to now focus on balancing and optimizing all areas of your life. Working with Karnia Coaching, you can achieve the goals you have put off to “when I have more time.” We can delve into your aspirations for the future while being fully alive in the present.

Your coach:

As I approached mid-life, I found a calling in coaching others. I help people who want to live an intentional, meaningful, and joyful life by following their true path to reach their dreams.

My goal is to help you to live your life with purpose and find fulfillment in your life – living every day with meaning. 

Judy Karnia, ACC, CPCC, DVM

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