Lessons from Nature: We Need Rest Also.

In Phoenix, the trees lose their leaves in January.   As I approached my soul tree today, a cool sunny December day, its leaves were a mix of red, orange and green.  It reminded me that there are cycles in nature of growth and rest.  The trees lose their leaves and shut down during the winter then come back to life in the spring even stronger – bigger and more beautiful.  We are creatures of nature also and have similar cycles.  For too much of our lives, however, we believe we have to keep striving and growing, pushing through any downturn.  We need periods of rest as much as the trees.  When we go through periods of stress or challenge, we need some down time to recover. 

Around the trees were flowers in full bloom, specific types planted to suit the weather.  This is a good reminder that different people thrive in different situations.   While the trees are going into their rest phase, these flowers are at their peak.  We can’t compare ourselves to others and base our needs on theirs.  We are all experiencing different things in our lives that are challenges or boosts.  What are your individual needs right now?  By taking care of those needs, you can take advantage of the sun shining in your life right now or accept the cold and clouds so you can rest up for the spring.

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