More Sage Powers

By tapping into our sage we can travel through life with more focus and creativity.  We have talked about how using our sage powers of looking for gifts in any situation and having empathy for ourselves can lead us in a positive approach to improving our lives.  Other sage powers we can use are Explore, Innovate, Navigate and Activate.

Using the Explore power means having curiosity and openness when thinking about a situation or person.  If you are facing a difficult situation or considering taking an important step, your sage can pull you with positive energy rather than getting stuck in judgment and your saboteurs.  What is important to know before coming to a decision or take action?  Do you need to do more research or ask more questions?  Are you fixated on a solution or roadblock and unable to move forward because you are afraid of your expected outcome?  How can you explore the situation with openness and fascination and see more possibilities?  When I was feeling burnt out in my veterinary career I believed I was stuck because this was my chosen path.  I started exploring selling my clinic and looking at other possible work I could enjoy.  Coaching wasn’t even on my radar but I discovered the possibilities and transitioned into a much more enjoyable life.

With Innovate, you can use your sage power to move from feeling that something is too difficult to move into a path of ease and flow.  Often our saboteurs lead us to think a situation is more difficult than it truly is or lock us into our initial idea.  One way to get around conflict is to believe that even if you disagree with someone or a situation, there is ten percent of the other side that is correct.  Can you start there and build on that?  Another way to expand the path forward is to play the “yes, and” game often used in improv.  It is similar to brainstorming.  Start with one idea and then add to it and then add to that.  In this stage, don’t discount any ideas as too crazy or too difficult.  Once you have expanded your possible options you can go back and see what you can explore further.  What would be the path of ease and flow being pulled by your sage rather than pushed or blocked by your saboteurs?

The Navigate power guides you by connecting you with your deeper meaning and purpose in life.  When you know what truly matters to you, the small and big steps that will move you forward become clear.  One way to access this power is by imagining yourself near the end of your life or ten or twenty years into the future.  What would your future sage self tell you about your current problem or opportunity?  Will you reach where you ultimately want to go if you take the steps you are considering?  What is your bigger why and are you thinking and acting consistently with that? 

When you use the sage power of Activate, you are moving into action in a calm, clear-headed and laser-focused way.   You can anticipate how your inner judge and other saboteurs may try to block you.  How will you counteract these roadblocks and respond with your sage?  You can feel strong and certain as you act and are ready to face the outcome.  One way you can maintain the Activate power is to imagine you are taking the desired action and hold your body in a strong pose.  When you are taking that action, intentionally put your body into that pose.  Are you going to ask for a raise, start a conversation or publish your first blog post?  How can you hold your body to feel your sage giving you that power?  Activate can also mean taking that first step toward a goal.  Get out and take that first step in your new exercise plan, enroll in a class that will move you toward your new career, start the savings account for your dream vacation.  What can you do today in a calm, focused way that will get the ball rolling?

The Sage powers of Gift Perspective, Empathy, Explore, Innovate, Navigate, and Activate pull us to live a meaningful and enjoyable life with positive energy.  How can you start using these in your life today?  If you would like to discuss how a coach can help you in this journey, please reach out to me with any questions.

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Co-active coach focused on helping people with transitions and life fulfillment.

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