Be Thankful then Move On

This week is the holiday during which we are supposed to be thankful. Really we should have gratitude every day but a reminder never hurts. Marie Kondo recommends saying thank you to items we decide we no longer want. We can do the same when we decide to move on to a different job or career. In order to move on to a more rewarding life, we have to be willing to let go of what we are currently doing.

It can be difficult to leave a company or group or stop pursuing a career. You may feel you are letting someone down or believe you owe your company and can’t leave. Having and expressing gratitude can help you to make this break and feel right about your decision.

My work as a veterinarian was very stressful at times and eventually led to burnout. I have decided to transition to a new career as a coach and nature therapy guide. However, I am very grateful for all I learned in veterinary school, in practice, and from my colleagues. It was overall a great experience. I am glad that I helped thousands of pets have a better life, relieving pain and stress for them. I appreciate all the great clients that trusted me to take care of their pets and used my help to provide a good life for their pets. I am grateful for my wonderful team that has helped me to build a beautiful clinic and provide high quality medicine and customer service. I am thankful that this career provided a good life for my family and built me a little cushion for retirement. And I am ready to move on.

Is there something holding you back from creating the life you truly want and deserve to live? Even if you have some resentment over your work or are burned out, what can you be grateful for? How can you experience and express your gratitude so you can find peace with your life so far?

It is not as easy as finally getting rid of that ugly sweater your mother gave you, Marie Kondo style. However, it can work in a similar way. If you have regrets and wish you had pursued a different job or line of work, that doesn’t need to get in your way of pursuing your dreams now. What you having been doing up until this point has probably given you many good things. How can you build on that and use what that has given you? Challenges do help us grow and realizing that you no longer want something helps you to know what you do want.

Mindfulness practices often mention having gratitude as a way to find peace within ourselves. It can also help us to move on and find work that is more enjoyable and meaningful. What are you grateful for?  How can you express that gratitude? What will that help you let go?

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