When to Start Thinking about your Third Chapter

I have had a couple of recent conversations with friends who are trying to figure out what they want to do after completing a long career in medicine. They are both a bit distraught at not knowing what they want to do. They had always had a path in life. They did well in school,Continue reading “When to Start Thinking about your Third Chapter”

Planning Your Future is Not Just for Kids

When you were young, there were many prompts to help you think about your future.  Older relatives and your parents’ friends asked what you wanted to be when you grew up or where you wanted to go to college.  Teachers exposed you to various subjects and ideas and supported your learning.  College counselors prodded youContinue reading “Planning Your Future is Not Just for Kids”

More Lessons from a Tree: Continual Growth

During my meditation in the park yesterday morning, I walked over to hang out with my favorite tree.  I have always noticed the small branches sprouting out of its trunk.  This time, however, it struck me as a good lesson for us humans to always keep growing. This tree is two to three stories tallContinue reading “More Lessons from a Tree: Continual Growth”

Fears and Cheers of the Third Chapter of Life

When I talk with people who are in or entering their third chapter, I ask what is the best part about growing older and what scares them.  The main theme seems to be increased independence and losing that independence. The biggest fear tends to be decreased mental and physical health, especially a sudden downturn.  PeopleContinue reading “Fears and Cheers of the Third Chapter of Life”

How to Strengthen Your Sage

Our mental fitness determines how we respond to situations and problems in our lives.  The more we can improve our mental fitness, the more we can improve our peace of mind, our relationships and our accomplishments.  We can be driven to reach some goals by our saboteurs and negative stress.  Our journey and the accomplishmentContinue reading “How to Strengthen Your Sage”

Mental Fitness is Key to our Health

We all know how important physical fitness is to our long-term health but mental fitness is just as important, if not more so.  Mental fitness is your ability to respond to challenges in life with a positive rather than negative mindset.  It is similar to physical fitness in that you have to keep building yourContinue reading “Mental Fitness is Key to our Health”