Coach Judy

I am Judy Karnia and I started Karnia Coaching to serve others as they pursue their dreams in life. As I approached my mid-life, I began evaluating the various aspects of my life to see if I was living according to my true values.  After 25 years as a veterinarian and business owner, I considered myself successful but questioned whether I was fulfilled and happy in everyday living.  I loved working with cats every day and helping my clients to keep their cats happy and healthy for as long as possible.  I had created and sustained a thriving clinic that provided great benefit to my patients and clients. My career was rewarding in many ways but also very stressful. It was crowding out other areas such as health, relationships with family and friends, and peaceful relaxation.  Through this exploration of my life, I found a calling to coach others to make this exploration as well. I completed my coursework through the Co-Active Training Institute and am certified through CTI and with the International Coaching Federation.

Over my years as a veterinarian taking care of my patients and clients, I developed many of the skills that I now use in my coaching. Keeping my patients healthy required concentrating on all the various aspects of their lives including nutrition, body changes, their physical environment and their interactions with the people and other animals in their lives. I had to develop a deep listening to my clients to discover their underlying concerns and desires. Often it was their body language or things that went unsaid that helped me understand the situation. I collaborated with my clients to formulate and execute the best plan for treatment. The follow up was often as important, as we used the outcome of our plans to adjust or celebrate.

Now I bring that sensitivity, caring, intuition, and collaboration into my coaching. My vision for my coaching is to work with people as they make transitions in their life and find their true purpose. They will find fulfillment and joy in their life – not just live by remote control but live every day with meaning.  This is an on-going process in all of our lives and we need support to pursue it.

Coaching is about you as a whole person: your values, goals, feelings, and life purpose. In Co-Active coaching, we believe that every person is resourceful, creative and whole. All the answers you need and everything that you want to be is already inside of you, just waiting to be uncovered. I will collaborate with you and support you to explore your dreams and visions. When you live according to your values, you find meaning and balance in your life.

I grew up in Chicago and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 2005 so that I could live in a land of sunshine and warmth. I have been married for over two decades and we have a delightful teenage daughter. We recently moved near old-town Scottsdale so that we can walk to festivals, restaurants, cafes, and other shops. I love to read (lots of non-fiction and some fiction) and be outdoors (walking, running, biking or just sitting in a park). I also enjoy traveling and visiting with friends and family. Walking meditation in nature, exercising, and constantly learning keeps me happy and at peace.

What People Say

My job of 25 years had just ended and I was at the proverbial crossroad of do I stick with what I know or do I strike out on a new adventure. Knowing how I tend to overthink things or let high anxiety lead me to inaction, saying yes to Judy’s offer of assistance was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  She helped me to navigate through many tough questions about myself and my goals. Her excellent listening skills and uncanny ability to play devil’s  advocate, gave me a new way of looking at the world and it’s opportunities.  The new year brought an offer of a new job.  I was able to approach it with so much more confidence than before and was able to ask for what I deserve and not just settle for what was offered.  I do not think I could have reached this level of self-awareness without the many sessions of speaking with her. I am extremely grateful for all help and patience she has given me.  – Amber W.

I attended a forest bathing event that Judy led. It was thoroughly rewarding and reconnected me with Mother Earth and her gifts in a badly needed, soul-soothing way.  I would recommend this enriching experience to everyone and intend to continue practicing what I learned going forward. – Randa H.

Judy has innovative ways to rethink a situation. She is a good listener and asks thoughtful questions. She helped me get perspective on the issues. – Linda M.

Judy is a natural at giving sound-space at appropriate and critical moments, allowing one to fully offer their challenge. Her thoughtful responses help tease out the answers and are spot on – leaving little doubt how to tackle the task at hand – Thomas Timmons, DVM

Let’s build something together.

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